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We are proud to announce the exciting new product range of acoustics solutions designed for [laud].

The state-of-the-art technology with eye-catching design, [laud] is the brainchild of two Belgian companies based in West Flanders, a region famous for its innovative tech companies. Designer Alain Monnens teamed up with the designers and engineers at pilipili to create an exciting product range for the shared spaces of the future. Manufactured 100% locally, our acoustic solutions bring affordable comfort and calm to your office with an unmistakable dash of Belgian style.

Five panels are all it takes to calm down your building. Mix and match them to produce solutions for any workplace or application for an affordable price. As lightweight and soft to the touch as our panels are, they are incredibly strong, guaranteeing you years of acoustic comfort combined with sleek, minimalist looks.

The Series One is made of two recycled materials in an ideal combination for perfect acoustic absorption, the sturdy, heat-moulded felt casing is incredibly light and soft to the touch.

You can discover the Series One on the [laud] website…


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