2007  |  designed for tossB

Of all the models in the collection, the GROOVE perhaps comes closest to the famous design concept that ‘less is more’. The GROOVE is the ultimate tribute to the ‘no-nonsense’ approach. No screws, clamps or bolts, except where absolutely unavoidable.

The size can be adjusted to suit the type of lamp and all the models are exactly the same height. The glass is slid into the mounting in an original – but easy to operate – manner. The GROOVE is highly practical, but with two light slits in the side panels as a fun ‘extra’ feature.

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product family, dimensions & finishes

GROOVE 50×50 grey
GROOVE 100×100 white
GROOVE 150×150 chrome
GROOVE 50×100 chrome
GROOVE 50×150 aluminium
GROOVE 50×200 black
Puma (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) by Brinklicht
Appartment (Oostende, Belgium) by Frederik Blontrock Concepts | photo by Philip Braem

product photos by Julien Lanoo, download the press images here


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