concept of the Leica M with battery indicator

As a designer I love the Leica cameras, the simplicity, ease of use, purity,… the history of the brand.

When Leica introduced the ISO dial on the M10 at the spot where the rewind lever used to be, I thought it was genius. And that made me think. Which possibility is there to bring something back from the past to the M series of today / future and that of course with great functionality?

The fact that you would have a battery indicator that is just as visible as any other basic setting on top of the camera, I think that would be great. Especially on the Leica M-D. So why not bring back the frame counter, but now as an indicator of the battery level? Here you find a representation of what that could look like.

fully charged:

battery half way:

in need for a charge:

What do you think of this concept?


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